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A collection of tools to increase employee engagement, grow culture and drive performance

How It Works

CoreCounts continuously collects feedback through our culture tracking surveys, 360 reviews, 1-on-1s and recognition. We then make it easier to take strategic action to grow your culture via our reporting hub and professional coaches.

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Why CoreCounts?

At our core, we're a team of entrepreneurs who have experienced what good and bad culture can do to the places and people within it. CoreCounts is our solution to help you achieve your very best culture.

About us

See what's under the hood!

The features we've built are organized by engagement and performance. Let's dive into both!


An engaged team will help you see your culture more clearly.

How do you know if culture is driving your business or the other way around? Gain true insight into how your employees view organizational culture with Anonymous Culture Tracking Surveys.

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Whether you want to poll your team about lunch plans, send a survey about Open Enrollment, or anything in between, you have a custom survey builder that intuitively knows your organizational structure right at your fingertips.

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Our training resource feature gives you the ability to schedule & share a video, article or audio link with the people in your organization. Our built-in tracking will help you see who did and did not view that resource.

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People who feel appreciated are more connected to your organization and team. Make recognition a habit by effortlessly capturing and sharing public praise.

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A great culture needs high performing people to grow the mission.

Gain valuable insights across all levels through ongoing feedback to increase self-awareness, improve team dynamics, and uncover strengths and growth opportunities within departments, teams and people.

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With our 1-on-1s, you’ll always be prepared for purposeful conversations when you utilize Talking Points, Goals and Action Items. Provide managers and employees with watch everyone get on the same page and moving in the same direction.

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Create and manage goals that align employee productivity with organizational objectives. Keep them front of mind so your team sees the progress they’re making to drive business results.

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Using engagement and performance data continuously collected in CoreCounts, we give you and your managers the metrics that matter to enhance your quarterly and annual performance reviews.

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